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For those who missed Obama's speech (like moi). The whole inauguration was beautiful. The victory, even sweeter.
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 Trailers like this are the bees knees. They're the bees knees and even the bees elbows. Bees legs.

Okay, so comparing an anime about a  super magical heroine that dresses like a Ladybug to the non-existant knees of bees is silly. All I'm saying is, it's a cross-production by French Zagtoon and Japanese Toei (with some Methods involved). I adore most cross-productions; hybrid animation has so much to bring to the table, as you'll see here.

It's just really awesome and I'm in love with the reverse-Batman/Catwoman play going on, here. Would like to know who sings the song, too...

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Happy (belated) Birthday to me~!

Still, I'd like to head back and maybe get one of those wooden model figures...I need to practice drawing more realistic anatomy, again! In fact, I'm trying my hand at it, now...

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Watching this video way too much to be healthy - can't help it. Already have the song downloaded and on my iPhone (who I will refer to as Leo...because I actually named it that I am sad)