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Went to the Barnes and Noble on US 1 highway today. The big two story one.

I know it's silly, but I find that it's kind of exciting...I rarely get to go to two-story book stores, so I get a little giddy.

Anyways, got a few things with some Christmas money...a new sketchbook (purely for illustrations and practice), 75% off Xmas and holiday cards for next year (I WILL BE PREPARED!), an issue of The Economist, and One Piece manga volume 1. I never did finish the manga or the anime - both of which were (and, I hear, ARE still) good. I want to take the time to enjoy it, again - fully, this time.

Of course, then my mom, being as awesome as she is, revealed a sneaky gift she bought for me while I was off searching for things:

Happy (belated) Birthday to me~!

Still, I'd like to head back and maybe get one of those wooden model figures...I need to practice drawing more realistic anatomy, again! In fact, I'm trying my hand at it, now...

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Watching this video way too much to be healthy - can't help it. Already have the song downloaded and on my iPhone (who I will refer to as Leo...because I actually named it that I am sad)


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